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Sara Penchev

Director of Clinical Operations
BioMimetix JV, LLC

Thanks to Innovaderm's adaptive approach, we sailed through our trial with ease!

“The team was not only knowledgeable but also innovative, suggesting effective approaches to optimize resources and streamline processes. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt were invaluable, enabling us to navigate challenges and pivot when necessary.”

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Geared with internal rheumatology experts with +70 combined years of experience

Common grounds between dermatology and rheumatology allowing us to apply our strong clinical, drug development, regulatory and medical know-how

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Fully established European and North American operational teams and cultivated partnerships with sites

Robust ties with top enrollers ensure quality is never compromised

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Our organization is led by researchers, with a core focus on science and innovation that permeates every aspect of our work.

We are the only niche CRO in rheumatology and dermatology

As a strong and established mid-size CRO, we listen to your needs, provide you with a personalized approach, and we nurture long-time relationships.

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Pavle Vukojevic, MD, MSc​

Rheumatologist - Specialist of Internal Medicine

Dr. Vukojevic has over 25 years’ experience in clinical development within the CRO industry and over 10 years of clinical/academic practice in rheumatology. He is an experienced clinical development executive at global level with extensive knowledge of international drug development processes and procedures (phases I-IV). He is the author of “Conducting Clinical Trials in Europe: An Insider’s Analysis” expert report (edition Insight Pharma Reports for the Cambridge Healthtech Institute).

Eugene Uy, MD​

Medical Monitor

Dr. Uy is a trained physician who specializes in rheumatology, osteoporosis, internal medicine and clinical immunology. With over a decade of experience in rheumatology research, Dr. Uy oversees global clinical studies.

Kristen Neely​

Clinical Trial Manager

Accomplished CTM with 35 years of experience, Kristen has experience in all phases of clinical research. Her roles have ranged from coordinator and associate to mentor, trainer, and consultant, specializing in rheumatology. Kristen has been a part of Dr. Daniel Furst's team, a KOL in rheumatoid diseases.

Nalanie Johnson, BSc, PMP ​

Project Manager

Nalanie Johnson, with a BSc in Human Biology and a postgraduate certificate in clinical research, specializes in rheumatology trials. With over 10 years of experience in the field, she has effectively managed research plans and optimized recruitment for numerous organizations.

Bhaskar Srivastava

Senior Vice President of
Clinical Development

Nimbus Therapeutics

Innovaderm has the right experience, the right team and the right philosophy.

"With the powerful combination of rigor & innovation that their team brings, we were able to execute our study smoothly and deliver results showing profound potential for patients."


Study Characteristics & Challenges

Disease Focus: Systemic Sclerosis (SSc), including subgroups Raynaud’s Phenomenon (RP), Limited cutaneous SSc (lcSSc), and Diffuse cutaneous SSc (dcSSc).

Patient Demographics: 49 patients enrolled, with a diverse geographic distribution due to the rarity of the condition.

Study Design: Biopsy-based research requiring 2 or 4 x 3mm biopsies per patient; no treatment was offered as part of the study.

Recruitment Challenge: The lack of treatment provision made the study less appealing for recruitment, compounded by the logistical challenges of coordinating transport and clinic visits for distant patients.

Success Factors & Strategies

Timely Recruitment: Despite longer timelines associated with local academic sites and the institutional burden, patient recruitment was completed on schedule without any advertisement.

Low Discontinuation Rate: The study achieved a remarkably low patient discontinuation rate of only 4%.

Effective Coordination: Successful management of the logistical complexities involved in transporting patients from various locations to the clinic.


High retention rate with a mere 4% discontinuation, our study design and patient management strategies have proven to be effective

Awards & Successful Regulatory Compliance

Key Considerations For


CRO requires experienced staff in immunology and inflammation related diseases. For few diseases, it requires cross-functional expertise in areas such as dermatology & rare diseases.


It is important to have a solid infrastructure, including a network of clinical sites and robust information systems, to conduct rheumatology trials effectively.


It is essential for CROs to possess a comprehensive understanding and experience with the rheumatology endpoint guidelines set forth by the American College of Rheumatology. This includes familiarity with ACR20, ACR50, ACR7, DAS28, and other pertinent regulations.


Recruiting eligible participants may be more difficult due to higher competitive intensity. Shortage of rheumatology experts will be a key challenge.

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"As a strong and established niche CRO, we listen to your needs, provide you with a personalized approach, and nurture long-time relationships. Reach out to see how Innovaderm is expanding into rheumatology."