Innovaderm recognized by pharma and biotech sponsors as top performer champion, sweeping all categories of the 2023 CRO Leadership Awards 

Innovaderm is the only organization winning the CHAMPION title in all 5 categories of the CRO Leadership Awards🏆🙌🏽

"I just thought: Wow, this is pretty impressive!" Penelope Przekop, CEO @PDC Pharma Strategy

Listen to Jason Shuris, CBO @Innovaderm Research, sharing about Innovaderm's successes while being interviewed by Penelope Przekop during the 2023 CRO Leadership Awards ceremony.


[MONTREAL, QUEBEC – May 1, 2023]  Innovaderm has been honored as a Champion of the 2023 CRO Leadership Awards, garnering top performer accolades across all core categories of Expertise, Capabilities, Quality, Reliability and Compatibility.  By scoring as a top performer, in relation to the weighted average of other CROs included in ISR’s annual CRO Quality Benchmarking survey, Innovaderm has been awarded the additional designation of Champion. 

Innovaderm is the leading dermatology CRO, built upon deep dermatology expertise and over 20 years of success, offering full-service capabilities across all phases of clinical trials, towards the goal of improving patient’s lives.

“CRO selection is one of the most important and strategic decision study sponsors must make for their clinical research programs. Winning organizations are selected in each of these categories based on the market research our colleagues at ISR Reports conducted with decision makers at study sponsor companies over the last 18 months. Congratulations to all the winners for your outstanding performance and vital contribution to the clinical research industry.” Amit Dua, Vice President, Market Development, Clinical Leader. 

“We are very pleased to have been awarded this prestigious recognition for the third year in a row, by our clients and collaborators” Dr. Robert Bissonnette, Founder and CEO of Innovaderm, commented. “It is a tremendous honor to see our work acknowledged by biotech and pharma sponsors. At Innovaderm, we pride ourselves on the excellence in the execution and delivery of high-quality services, in the interest of advancing scientific and medical research.” 

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 Innovaderm Research Inc. 

Innovaderm Research Inc. is the leading full-service dermatology CRO. Founded in 2000, Innovaderm’s deep expertise and experience enables the ability to operationalize all aspects of clinical research, and deliver excellence across early to late phase studies. Innovaderm’s mission is to drive innovative research initiatives towards the goal of improving patients’ lives. 


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