Innovaderm’s expertise will be showcased at AID’s Dermatology Summit in San Francisco!

Innovaderm’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic will be taking the stage on January 7th with her presentation: “Clinical Development Strategy that Patients Need and Investors Want” at the upcoming AID Dermatology Summit in San Francisco.

Dr. Jankicevic’s presentation will address the following questions:

1. What solutions in dermatology and medical aesthetics are most needed and would make your asset a success story?

2. Are there any shorter roads that work in dermatology clinical development?

3. How to synergize clinical development innovativeness with smart regulatory and savvy operational strategy to get to your next inflection point?

Listen to Dr. Jankicevic provide further insights in the following video:

Experience the expertise of our team members Richard and Vincent, who will be on-site to showcase why we stand as THE leading dermatology CRO 🏆!

Let’s redefine dermatology together, schedule a meeting with us in San Francisco!


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