3 Tips on How to Manage Rosacea Trials

3 Tips on How to Manage Rosacea Trials

April is dedicated to raising awareness around Rosacea.

One of Innovaderm’s all-star project managers, Nalanie Johnson, shared some tips that are crucial when managing a clinical trial to the complexity of a therapeutic indication such as Rosacea:

1. In managing Rosacea studies, it is important to understand the indication and patient flow. Most patients will come from advertisement instead of the site’s database;

2. Having a central ad campaign as a recruitment strategy is very crucial to achieving the study enrollment milestone;

3. Keep a keen eye on subject drop out rates and encourage sites to keep subjects motivated to complete the study. Patients want to see results fast as they are used to having healthy skin due to the late onset of the disease, therefore they may lack the patience to wait for the study results.


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