Centralized Monitoring: Exploring the Considerations and Challenges of Implementation

Centralized Monitoring: Considerations and Challenges of Implementation.

Innovaderm's Associate Director - Risk Based Quality Management, Rohit Gupta, contributed to PHUSE's white paper entitled: “Centralized Monitoring: Exploring the Considerations and Challenges of Implementation”.

Innovaderm is proud to have been involved in the development of such a document addressing:


    1. The key success measures & best practices to ensure a well-connected end-to-end component of risk-based quality management;

2. The positive impact centralized monitoring can have on data quality, patient safety & clinical trial efficiencies;

3. The current & future needs of holistic central monitoring, the potential early-phase study risk reduction, and decrease of preventable errors.


Reinforce your centralized monitoring knowledge and expertise by reading this white paper now.

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