"Collaborative Excellence: A Testament to our Shared Success with Innovaderm!" - A Ventyx Biosciences Testimonial

Innovaderm is excited to share a glowing testimonial from Ventyx Biosciences!

"We would like to express our gratitude for the exceptional partnership we’ve had with Innovaderm. Our collaboration on a phase 2 study for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis was nothing short of remarkable. The expertise and motivation Innovaderm brought to the table were pivotal to our success. From the initial synopsis development to the final stages of study conduct, the synergy between our teams was palpable and was underpinned by Innovaderm’s strong relationships with sites, investigators and KOLs. The robust collaboration Innovaderm has established within the dermatology field instilled a deep sense of trust in us. This trust was reflected in the flawless execution of the study, which both teams can look back on with pride."
Snehal Naik, Senior Vice President of Clinical Development at Ventyx Biosciences

Congratulations to our incredible team for earning high praise from another satisfied customer!

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