Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Case study

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AD case study

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Innovaderm successfully managed this HS study
and this resulted in:

Enrollment completed 3 months ahead of schedule


Study Characteristics

    • Study Phase: II
  • Patient Population: Hidradenitis Suppurativa
  • IP Route of Administration: Systemic - Subcutaneous
  • Site distribution: 25 in North America and 16 in Europe



Study Challenges and Solutions





Several screen failures (SF) due to late availability of lab results

    • Pro-active monitoring of lab results regarding patients’ eligibility by project team
    • Flagged alerts to individual sites and follow-up with central lab on unexpected delays

Outcome: Screenfailure rate reduced due to early identification of lab errors and lab patients’ tests adequately screened

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Transportation fees (i.e., couriers) especially for lab samples from countries outside European Union

    • Thorough assessment of cost drivers for shipment frequencies (sample stability and required turn-around time to obtain results)
    • Regrouping of shipments and modification to the lab panel to respect budgeted fees

Outcome: Significant reduction in shipping costs


Academic sites
Delay in start-up activities due to large proportion of academic sites in the study

    • Frequent, tailored 1:1 calls with PIs prior to study initiation
    • Site-centricity (i.e., involvement from onset of study)

Outcome: Early-stage discussions with PIs helped streamlined recruitment and start-up timelines


Key Success Factors & Strategies

Phone interview icon Optimal site selection: experienced PIs in HS and experienced Innovaderm sites

Site engagement Implemented broad reach digital ad campaigns / assisted sites with the development of recruitment material



Recruitment Curve


Enrollment completed 3 months ahead of schedule



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